It has been a very busy two weeks and with all my good intentions, Hues and Cues, again takes a back seat. First,it was my husbands birthday party. So, fun and everyone who worked with me did such an incredible job!The party planner, caterer, DJ, and even the rental company, all professional and efficient. How often can you say that, these days? I plan on posting this fabulous event as soon as I get back some of the photos taken during the evening. It was magical. Lots of fun had by all. Whew!

I started re-working my house for the party (moving furniture, rugs and even accessories) and now I find myself wanting to have more parties this spring and certainly in the summer. Why not? I must say I haven’t felt like having parties for a while, there has just been so much on my plate. But, with things easing up a bit, it’s a good time to enjoy my home and friends. So, until it’s a lot warmer outside, I’m thinking of what I can do with the dining areas (inside & outside) to update and liven up. Design eye, found some cool new looks for both areas. Mostly, I love some of the light fixtures. I so, need, want new lighting over my tables and love the drama of BIG. I also, adore all things ghost or acrylic, as witnessed here in past posts. I think placing some large art is also cool.I would need to move mine around or I can buy fun art at several retailers. I like, Z Gallerie. For lighting, maybe Arteriors or Circa Lighting. Yes, great idea. I’m doing it.The best thing is when friends come over and ask, “Gee, your house looks so different, what have you done?” I say,”nothing really, just moved things around”. Of course, there are always some new nuances via purchases, but that’s my little secret.



This week is going to be CrAaaZy, with the party (hubby’s birthday) only a few days away and me trying to get our house fabulously refreshed. Yikes! Breathe, breathe.

So, when I was going over drafts for the blog I thought, ah ha, this might be a good week to post these cool little snippets. This bungalow, in Manhattan Beach, is a complete re-do, for a male friend who recently moved right on the beach. Lucky guy. The property is a pretty basic beach bungalow, small and unassuming, but on the inside we scraped everything then designed simple clean areas, including a chic kitchen. With a focus on modern lines and sustainability and a color palette in an array of lovely soothing hues. For fabrics I liked beautiful durable leathers with plenty of sturdy beach worthy weaves. Of course, I go nowhere without my favorite hues of subtle flat paint (light loves, flat paint). The white oak wide planks for the floor will make this 1946 bungalow very 2015. Take a peek!!

Bloomfield-Fabrics+Finishes1. Farrow&Ball, paint, 2. Edelman leather 3. Glant 4. Classic Cloth 5.Carlisle Wide Planks 6.Obscure glass(frosted) 7. AZ tile

Has this week flown by? I can’t believe I have so much to do and it’s Friday already. As you see, I have been obsessed with the hues of the season. I did move all the furniture around yesterday and my animals (including human one’s) are not sure where certain things went but seem to like the change. Now I need to accessorize, this will  be fun to make a few purchases. Not to crazy, but some pillows, throws and ceramics are in order and I plan to start on that mission today. You see, I’m having a big party next Saturday for my husband and this is the perfect motivator to refresh.

This week I have been working on the blog behind the scenes because I have forgotten things and how to do them. Frustrating. I’m not a Photoshop wiz, soooo, well let’s just say, I’m figuring it out, again. Slowly. It may take awhile, but all in all a good first week. By the way we actually got rain in LA this week, too!  Amazing.


Have a lovely weekend,


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Speaking of Pastels. I could go for  a luscious lavender tub ? or a set of colorful standard poodles?. Just had to add a few more inspiring images celebrating the beginning of Spring. Can’t wait to start moving the furniture around and get some fresh accessories. The guys are coming today to move furniture, rugs and large plants to my hearts desire. Can’t wait. I have been planning in my head for a couple of weeks. Got to run to the storage unit before they arrive… I’ll take Beau Walker with me. I love his company and his opinion is pretty spot on, too.  That’s my standard poodle ( he’s black).

This is how I make it official in my home, Spring has Sprung!

1.Glorious pink hair, 2.Pastel Jewels, 3.Lavender Tub, 4.Chic nude leather chairs, 5.Pink sofa, 6.Feather girl, 7.Colorful poodles,8. Pastel leaves


Cool, pale and with just the slightest hint of attitude, pastel anything is a must have this year. I know, I said that last year but I was a little ahead of the curve. I’m craving a stunning blush (not nude) pink moto that I saw at Bergdorf’s, and yet the Louboutin stud pumps are hard to beat. Oh, I just love the hues. Now how to add this palette of whisper pale hues to the home? Well granted, it’s a bit more tricky but a shapely leather chair in a subtle blue or peach nude is a perfect update, a modern version wing chair or how about a beautiful piece by the profound and sustainable SlowWood Love Spring. Don’t you?

Blog-7(via left/via right)

Blog-3 (via left/ via right)

Blog-1-Template (via)

These fabulous pieces are from Christien Starkenburg of SlowWood, I love the serenity of the pastel mix.


Blog-6(via left/via right)

Blog-9 (via left/via right)