Let’s Go: Paris

November 21, 2015

This post  was a while ago, but it describes my excitement at the prospects of visiting very special places at Christmas. I was taking French lessons at the time and becoming quite proficient. It was so fun ordering or requesting things en Francais.

“I’m going to Paris next week and so excited. We are staying at a small boutique hotel in the 6th district, a cool neighborhood with lots of shops and good restaurants. “The city of light” is brilliantly festive at Christmas and I have not been at this time before. The city in  winter is beauty at its loveliest. Tiens!”

I wish, though the  top one I do have.. (via)

I am so looking forward to eating and  shopping. I love the sales and flea markets in Paris,  and after Christmas they are fantastic! I think one of my first stops should be Galeries Lafayette. The decorations are magnificent and legendary. Just the thing to put you in the mood, as if that is hard in Paris.

Isn’t this beautiful? (via)

I can’t wait to see their decorations, is this taken with a fish eye lens? (via)

I love to  walk the streets in big cities(NY, Paris, Milan), enjoying all the bustling activity while browsing a variety of clever shops. This year I plan to visit the Montmartre. I purchased a painting a few years ago at a favorite haunt and it is time to check it out again. The Metro is easy to use and is the best way to get around the city. Especially  in chilly or rainy weather. Tres Bon.

The Metro is a great way to get around in winter. (via)


It’s been a long time and this is a special area of Paris. (via)

After shopping an area, my favorite pastime is people watching. Of course!! Sipping a coffee or a drink at either Cafe Costes (Les Halles) Lipp or Cafe de Flores, all good options and provide the perfect voyeur corner.


Rejuvenated and warmed we will continue window shopping and take in the beautiful Christmas lights. So much to cover, so little time. ..

There are some fabulous designer shops in this area. (via)

I can’t wait to see this lit up for Christmas. (via)

Our hotel is near the Norte Dame(via)

No day or night would be complete without a glimpse of the Eiffel in all its glory. Lights magnificent!! Abosolument!

We will be dining at the Jules Vern in the Eiffel. (via)

Have you been to Paris for the winter holidays? Is it beautiful? Do you want to go? 

Another blog, this of things I am longing to experience again. Originally posted at a time when I just knew it was time to revisit my favorite inspirational city. So, I did.

“Oh darling, I must go to Paris. Signs of spring are everywhere and I have been obsessed with this season’s pastel hues. How Parisian. A soft brush stroke of peach or mint green is refreshing and new. Quiet not loud. Sophisticated. I’m loving this color direction. Carry me away!”

Paris-Collage2Images from left to right: Balloons, Detail, Pillows, Repetto, Coffee Cup, Detail

The last time I was in Paris for this fabulous show. All interior designers really should try to make it there. Twice a year and soooo very inspirational. I love January. It’s perfect.

“Twice annually the Maison + Objet trade show is in Paris. Of the two, I prefer the show in January, ( the other September). This show is massive and I find the breadth and vibe of talent to be so stimulating and thought-provoking it sort of jump starts the year for my creative thinking. It may sound odd to love Paris in winter, but,I do. It is a great time to be in the city. For the most part,you can get a reservation at almost any restaurant, go to all the fabulous sales and if your lucky find the perfect boutique hotel in the 16th at a great rate. The show has vendors from all over the globe, literally. It is this one ( January) with all the latest innovations in textiles. The perfect reason for all creatives to make their way there, at one time or another in their business. As I was thinking about my trip and how I view Paris, I came upon this outrageous image of a woman (ala Marlene Dietrich) smoking. I kept thinking how Paris can be so black and white. From the mimes to the macaroons, it’s a perfect tribute to the city of light. I’m so excited, I love Paris and I look to be inspired by Maison + Objet, “Elsewhere”, this year is the theme. Always provocative. I’ll keep you posted.”



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I have had a love relationship with Paris and France in general since the 80’s. I’m so very sad for my favorite city. The horror of what a fine people have had to endure this past week is inconceivable. I am re-posting some of my past blogs about the “City of Light”. You are in my prayers and thoughts daily. I’m still going to Maison & Objet in January, it is the best interior design venue on the planet.

“This week everything is about going to the design show in Paris to bask in the cultural wonderment of constant change. Truly, one of my favorite cities.I adore the architectural and historical beauty of a culture that has and always will be,Paris. Is this not the reason I enrolled in French classes? Or why I explore the nuances of the art, fashion and music? Maybe just maybe I could have an opportunity to live in Paris, if only for a month. The city is a bit mystic and it immediately draws me in because it is here where I again gain inspiration and get rejuvenated about design and life in general. Sounds like a cure-all, right? Well, sometimes a visit does just that. Even in the rain. I have had this blanc et noir thought for the blog all week.I think it is so very Parisian. While browsing for images, I thought, if I had an apartment in Paris, I could see it having great contrast with hints of the city’s influence. Intriguing. A different sort of vibe yet very French. Again, from mimes to macaroons, blanc et noir is very chic.”

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This week I finally had the opportunity to do some long overdue shopping around town. Personal shopping. With the office moved and most items stashed or organized, I deserve a little break. Right? My sunglasses need some tweaking (nose guard) so I took them to Neiman’s for a fix plus thought I’d browse around for a pair of round mirrored glasses I saw by Kyme, they are perfect for summer but, no luck. Well, I did manage to pick up a sunny summer cologne and my favorite Citrine lemon macaroons. Love, lemon anything. Sunny and bright! The perfect summer day. Tomorrow the beach.

1.Summer 2.Vase 3.Lemon Macaroon 4.Citrine bracelet 5.Mirrored sunglasses 6.Cologne
Doesn’t a summery yellow anything feel good? Sunglasses, fragrance, jewelry? Yes, jewelry, that’s next.