This is it!! All the files, books and client records have been neatly packed labeled and archived. Just a few left for today. I personally have gone through everything and along the way have come across things that I absolutely love creatively, emotionally, or “just like it”. I’m simply attached to them. You know? I’m sure you have things in a office that you just want to see or touch. Take my “Egg” Mac in Bondi Blue. I started my biz with it, and it is my lucky charm( heavy… but a charm nonetheless). It will continue to sit in a prominent spot. Reminding me, how hard it was initially to learn Mac after using DOS. Don’t freak, true story. Then there is Fortuny, OMG, one of my first design loves, in textiles and in lighting fixtures. I’ve been smitten with Fortuny for years. When I saw the Scheherazade in real life, LOVE, I was in Venice and knew, I would not only put one of these beauties in my home one day, I must use them in future design work and this booklet is all in Italian. Then there are Phillipe Starck’s design etchings of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. They are actually framed horizonal in black and very cool. I bought the series at a fundraiser for Sci Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture), my favorite school in LA. I had a large library and there are so many design books, and special product books from favorite vendors. Have you seen the Edelman Leather library? It’s great and I will use it forever, and my rugs, Mansour,Christopher Farr, Tufenkian, The Rug Company. Basically, I hand selected the product mix I am most attached to and they are going to reside in either my new office here in LA or my home office.

Attachments are a good thing and I love great design.

A few months ago I decided not to take on additional clients and concentrate on what I really want to do in my life and vocation. My answer, develop a blogging presence, do some volunteering and begin assessing where to take Walker & Co., and how to do it. Two of the three are in place and now I am working on Walker&Co. One big decision-no more, three offices and a library and no more driving to downtown LA. So, I’m moving. I’m going to have a smaller space in the building and work more from my home office. Sanity is coming back in style for Mrs. W. Yay!!!

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This is not an easy process and strolling down memory lane while packing file boxes and tossing things from the library doesn’t help. It has been fun to visit with reps who have been coming by to pick up fabric or source books as they can be re-purposed for another designer. This week my moving guys, Grumpy and Lucky,(their names, for real), are coming to help toss and take some things to our storage unit. By the way, that’s next on my “Lose It” list. I”m getting close to the biggest task of this move, going through the memo baskets. Eighteen of them. All lovingly filed by, color. This is a task only for me. I love beautiful textiles and keep many for inspiration. Most will return to vendors but the ones that are discontinued I will be donating to the Blind Children’s Center in Los Angeles. The touch or feel of textiles is a learning process plus the children will be using them for crafts. I’m looking forward to delivering them.

Blog-01(via)/W&C partial library wall
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Friends and colleagues have ask me if the change and move make me sad or second guess myself.  You know, not yet. I started my business by accident in 1998 in my house, then moved to a small office in ’99, a second office (bigger+ five peeps) ’01 and downtown LA in ’09. I’ve gone full circle. Smaller again. Let’s see how it goes.

Have you ever changed your business, radically? Was it scary? or exhilarating?

Hues and Cues blog started as the perfect venue for visual inspiration and a platform to opine about all things related to my interior design business, Walker&Co. So, when I started this new category “Project Peek” my thought was to post occasionally a  project I was working on or had recently completed. Just a snippet. These posts are a good reminder of the scope of a project plus a way to chronicle details I love: Like paint colors, fabrics, furniture,hardware, fixtures and construction ideas of anything that collectively pulls the design together from concept.

This was the first “peek” I blogged. It is a beautiful custom media and library unit to house electronics and memorabilia.I chose a transitional profile for the media wall. It is finished with a white wash, the crown is a hand painted metallic detail. The back and cabinet panels are highlighted  with a Farrow and Ball color “Hague Blue”. The perfect detail for reflected light. The colors plus a cool gallery wall (photos in black and white, taken by the client) is the perfect complement for a sophisticated beach vibe. Comfortable but not contrived. The textures and fabrics are warm and durable. I really love, Larsen’s cut velvet on the A.Rudin swivels. The subtle blue and silver hues are stunning with the Made Goods shagreen. By the way, this project entailed removing an entire south wall on the third floor of the home (presenting a breathtaking view of the Pacific) and installing a bi-fold sliding glass wall. Beginning to end. One year. It’s Lovely. Enjoy our peek.

Project-Details-Stone(via Walker & co.)

A great way to frame a gallery wall, of your photos, don’t you think? Fresh.

This “Blog Blockhead” as I fondly call it has been plaguing me since I relaunched Hues and Cues in April. An editorial calendar is in order and fast! This simple tool keeps me motivated and focused. So, why haven’t I done it already? Well, It’s quite the task to re-assess and re-work the 400+ blogs and essays I’ve written ( since 2’09). Then comes the tough decision to either update, archive or trash blogs that are just not up to my standards. There is a lot of good stuff and,it is a process frankly, to push through and focus on my mission.
A word to the wise, “Always have your editorial calendar format in place for at least a month of blogs, it is like a guideline for your creative capital, helps get the juices flowing so text, imagery and the process just seems to go smoother. This calendar also includes any social media platforms ( FB,Twitter,Pinterest) that I may post to,again, much easier if you have a schedule. These things take time to re-implement but  when I complete this initial purge I plan to re-publish and/or publish new and existing drafts. Soon,I will be on my way. There is a new expression in the blog world I really like. Slow Blogging. I’m pretty sure that is exactly where I’m at, coupled with a waning case of blog blockhead. Does this happen to you?



How do you get back on track after a  hiatus?

It’s almost Fathers day and don’t our handsome gents deserve a day to chill? Absolutely! Last year, here, I took a whole different approach to my ultimate gift guide for dad. This time, I’m thinking this is the perfect day for him to play in his bud’s annual golf tourney ( hopefully his betting pays off $$) My, hubby is in a suit all week for work and I am loving this vibe below from, Eton. (his hair,too) So, be it browsing a favorite periodical, smoking his best cigar or watching an all time classic movie trilogy, this is his day. Oh daddy, cool sexy dude, thanks for all you do. Enjoy your day!!

Fathers-day-2'151.on him, Eton Shirts 2.Zegna 3.The Surfers Journal 4.Blu Mediterraneo 5.The Godfather
Have a wonderful Dad’s day, we love you, XXoo, the menagerie