I’m sure there are many schools of thought on how to celebrate or what to do on Valentine’s Day. For me I love the sexy and romantic gesture of being swept up and taken to a good restaurant, gifted with flowers, chocolate and/or a trinket. To share a favorite cocktail with your special someone and making each other the center of attention for a few hours is rare and totally romantic. Wow, I’m not sure if this sounds a tad like a princess or just old school. Nonetheless,the one thing I do know is I love this special occasion and the memories that my Valentine and I have shared over the years.

Love words (via)

A beautiful table with candle light (via)


I love this image (via)


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

P.S. Wear something unexpected, too!


Do you have any special Valentine’s plans?

I adore the romance languages and ” Good morning, my love” in Italian is lovely… ( graffiti, eh?). I saw this and just loved the sentiment. Happy Friday, Happy Love Day!


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Mad for Plaid

December 1, 2015

I have always had a penchant for plaid. Smitten with tartan for as long as I can remember. I adored the kilt skirt I had in grade school and today I have my own (Allison) plaid and wear it when appropriate. I have written here many times on this subject, from  mens suitings and Harris tweeds to a gorgeous tartan settee for Dedon. Swoon. The beauty and sophistication of a tartan plaid never seems to bore. So, when I saw the tartan packaging for MAC cosmetics , I was attracted all over again. It really caught my eye. Next I spotted the J.Crew studded flats! Oh my, these beauties became another inspiration of this traditional plaid in a totally new look and spin. It’s the gold studs! The tartan is so versatile that for interior design it becomes a perfectly modern floor for offices, bars and dens or even as a wall covering as the right plaid will add interest and dimension to pull a room together be it contemporary or transitional. I think the two examples below tell the story simply and succinctly. Let’s not forget the quintessential and beautifully tailored plaid statement chair. Always a favorite. This season, try some tartan on for style. Fashionable, chic and very now. Enjoy..

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Paris in Winter…

November 21, 2015

“I’m going to Paris next week and so excited. We are staying at a small boutique hotel in the 6th district, a cool neighborhood with lots of shops and good restaurants. “The city of light” is brilliantly festive at Christmas and I have not been at this time before. The city in  winter is beauty at its loveliest. Tiens!”

I wish, though the  top one I do have.. (via)

I am so looking forward to eating and  shopping. I love the sales and flea markets in Paris,  and after Christmas they are fantastic! I think one of my first stops should be Galeries Lafayette. The decorations are magnificent and legendary. Just the thing to put you in the mood, as if that is hard in Paris.

Isn’t this beautiful? (via)

I can’t wait to see their decorations, is this taken with a fish eye lens? (via)

I love to  walk the streets in big cities(NY, Paris, Milan), enjoying all the bustling activity while browsing a variety of clever shops. This year I plan to visit the Montmartre. I purchased a painting a few years ago at a favorite haunt and it is time to check it out again. The Metro is easy to use and is the best way to get around the city. Especially  in chilly or rainy weather. Tres Bon.

The Metro is a great way to get around in winter. (via)


It’s been a long time and this is a special area of Paris. (via)

After shopping an area, my favorite pastime is people watching. Of course!! Sipping a coffee or a drink at either Cafe Costes (Les Halles) Lipp or Cafe de Flores, all good options and provide the perfect voyeur corner.


Rejuvenated and warmed we will continue window shopping and take in the beautiful Christmas lights. So much to cover, so little time. ..

There are some fabulous designer shops in this area. (via)

I can’t wait to see this lit up for Christmas. (via)

Our hotel is near the Norte Dame(via)

No day or night would be complete without a glimpse of the Eiffel in all its glory. Lights magnificent!! Abosolument!

We will be dining at the Jules Vern in the Eiffel. (via)

Have you been to Paris for the winter holidays? Is it beautiful? Do you want to go? 

Objet Obsession Le Pastel

November 20, 2015

Another blog, this of things I am longing to experience again. Originally posted at a time when I just knew it was time to revisit my favorite inspirational city. So, I did.

“Oh darling, I must go to Paris. Signs of spring are everywhere and I have been obsessed with this season’s pastel hues. How Parisian. A soft brush stroke of peach or mint green is refreshing and new. Quiet not loud. Sophisticated. I’m loving this color direction. Carry me away!”

Paris-Collage2Images from left to right: Balloons, Detail, Pillows, Repetto, Coffee Cup, Detail