This weekend is the official kick off to summer. Each year we all look forward to relaxing, taking the day off and sharing a BBQ, sometimes the first of the season, with our friends, family and neighbors. This year, I am reminded that this holiday has a meaningful message and that message is not very prevalent in our schools or day-to-day work life. What is this? Memorial day is the national holiday that we as Americans should hold most dear, I guess, though Independence Day is equally meaningful. Memorial Day, we remember the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, so their fellow Americans can be free. Free to pursue our dreams. Thank you.

Have a fun long weekend, let summer begin. Yippee!!

The past couple weeks have been crazy busy and the blog , well, I’m getting there. In the meantime until I am on a more cohesive schedule, I thought I would share some snippets of fun projects that were in need , of me. This is a “design on a quarter”dental office, The dentist’s are wonderful woman with growing practices. In turn, there are two sides of a very narrow and somewhat awkward space. Both practice an Aesthetic dentistry specialty and cater to families, focusing on children and teenagers. It was time for a make over and here it is. I wanted to open the space and change hues, rendering the look more organic. The space is  painted in soft hues of blue, green and stark white.With colorful art and framed artifacts found in nature, the space became inviting for young clients. An acrylic ghost coffee table is always my friend and perfect here along with a bench, chairs and magazine rack. I like the clarity of ghost anything. The fabrics ,well, they are durable and beautiful. I just had to add a touch of leather and made ottomans that are easily moveable on casters. The best thing, the office feels light and fresh, not tired or heavy. I took the cue for an inviting aesthetic. These ladies are fantastic and do wonderful work I am certain in this newly designed space  they will continue to produce many happy and beautiful  smiles. Do you like the aesthetic? Doesn’t it feel peaceful? Calming?

Dental-Specialists-Project-PeekBefore-Blog1.Circa Settee  2.Artwork  3.Leather Side Chair  4.Geode Artwork  5.Acrylic Table  6.Fabric  7.Fabric  8.Fabric  9.Fabric

The before images give you an idea of how the space was not cohesive and kind of messy. Viola, no more.

 I love Friday mornings dedicated to reading my Feedly.( mostly blogs I like) and then I scan hundreds of emails. Seriously, I play catch up. There are always interesting items that catch my eye like, Reese Witherspoon’s new site: Draper James, dedicated to all things Southern? With quips on lifestyle, shopping, food and even favorite southern expressions it’s very fun and clever.There are some cool gift ideas like stylish Totes, charms, some lovely pearls but my fave is a mint julep cup. Have you ever tried a Mint Julep? Yummy on a hot day. I also, scan the LA Times,read the WSJ, and check out my twitter feed.One of my favorite “tweet” feeds to catch up on is: Fast Co. Last week they did a story on the Brazilian company who is developing a Photoshop video game, (I need this) and it caught my eye. The headline “Working with Photoshop can often feel like a Battle” NO KIDDING! Photoshop is the single biggest obstacle for me getting back on a blog schedule. I’m feel very PS illiterate these days. Does anyone feel like I do? It’s difficult, right? Thank you! I knew I was not losing it. I gotta let it go. Lord, keep me at it. After catching up on my reading and walking Beau,I sit back at the computer and look up what I call “Words of Wisdom”. I look for a couple of words or expressions to give perspective and remind me of how blessed I am and to have gratitude for my blessings. Here’s a few from this week.

Friday’s are the best when you have a sense of accomplishment, that something or someone special touched your life. Happy Weekend.

This year’s ode to Mom is luscious and sexy, pretty much how I see this special day for the woman who.. well, does it all. I love you, mom. Mothers-day-15

1.Pink,Marc de Champagne truffles 2.Apple Watch 3.Royal-Oud by Creed 4.Dior’s new Lucky star jewelry 5.Steele Audio,wooden pillar speakers


Good morning. I am so happy to be posting ” TearSheet Tuesday”, today. It’s been so long since the first (a year). I love flipping through periodicals and fashion mags for information, inspiration and contemplation. Yes, I cruise tons of blogs and online magazines but there is something about tearing out something cool, interesting or just plain beautiful that I still love. I think because it’s tactile and for me these images conger up all kinds of ideas. Besides, I’d love to own all these handbags, or at least two of the four. Dream on, Ali. Any way, these hues are fab and the products? well they speak for themselves.



Make a statement of sheer chic-ness year round. Love Tearsheet inspiration. Don’t you? plate,2.agate bookends,3.kelly wearstler rug, tulip chair,5.polished nickel pedestal table.
Handbags:Fendi,Versace, YSL,Dior