The blogging habit, for me, is one that takes a “editorial” type calendar to keep things in order and focus. I think re-launching H&C’s is going to be a work in process for awhile. In the meantime, I need to start somewhere and I always like Finally Friday. Today, this image reminds me of the fun my best friend and I used to have every summer. We would bike, roller skate and skateboard all over the place. Yes, this was when we were young, free, not married, tied to our jobs.etc,etc. Lot’s of good memories of a friendship that started a long time ago and is still close as ever. She lives in New York now, but these beach days in sunny California will always be closest to my heart. Enjoy the weekend. Have some fun with your best-ie.

Hi all, I’ve missed my blogging these past several months and truth be told it was time to step away from many things to re-evaluate several aspects of my life. Not only my business, but the people I interact and socialize with, the way I live each day and my life goals. Yes, goals, we all need them. Right? Well, I do and have found that sometimes you need to totally switch things up to move forward. My business,Walker&Co. has been around for a long time and I have loved growing it from zero to a viable company. I’ve had several employees and all along we have worked with wonderful individuals and families helping to design and build their dream homes. Last year was crazy busy and an eye opening year for me. It became evident that yet again it was time for a life change. I hurt my shoulder(Yoga, ouch) and metatarsal (Yoga,ouch, ouch) and probably because I was totally burned out!! In fact, I almost didn’t even like the design business anymore. Not that crazy though, thank goodness. So, here I am. Refreshed, revitalized, re-purposed (ha,ha) and excited about the new blog look, feel and mission. I started this blog back in ’09 as a way to chronicle my musings about the design business. No images, everything written in article format. I submitted some of them for industry magazines but was so busy I did not have time to learn blogging. Then in ’11, I hired a social media intern to launch Hues and Cues. Wow, what a learning curve. I knew nothing. As time went on we began to pay more attention to the blog and I found it a wonderful way to contemplate ideas and find beautiful imagery. I had Pinterest boards when you had to request to join. Boy, has that platform just flourished or what? Well, I love the blog and have a new mission for it and my life. I think my priorities are in the right place. I would like to know you better and intend to let you know me… not everything of course, we all need some mystery. Most of all I’m looking to H&C’s to express the many interests and experiences I have and have had in two fabulous careers. Both I have loved. Fashion first, Interior fashion second. I’m sure they will always be in that order.



Up up and away, off to a new start!! We are going to have fun… see you soon.

This is a re-wind post from a couple of years ago. Still the same premise. We are very lucky to live in this country and be free. We can thank our founding fathers for designing and drafting our Declaration and the men and women in the military whom give there all to insure we are safe. God Bless America.  The blogs are fun and I hope you have a wonderful July Fourth,2014.

Come on, can you believe we are now into the second half of 2012? This is incredible to me. I think each year seems to fly by faster. This is a special holiday for a number of reasons. Mostly, I like this day because it is a patriotic reminder of our individual free will and freedom. No place on earth offers this to all men and women. United States of America.


Last year HuesandCues had fun with our July 4th post. We did a two part series. One on home interiors and another on food in red, white and blue. Check them out!

Take Two: Fourth of July, Part I

Take Two:Fourth of July,Part II

I am loving some of these images and ideas for a festive day with plenty of friends and family.


Lucky for us the beach is always a first option and the most relaxing and fun way to spend a the day in Southern California. The people watching is amazing!!!


Happy Independence Day 2012!!!

The Maldives, I think this is exactly what I need while we rethink the H&C’s approach. So busy this year. I miss you but it is a formidable undertaking keeping the blog on a roll and it is time to rethink our “mission”. Be back soon all revived and renewed. Have a wonderful weekend.



This is still one of my favorite experiences and a fun post,too. Hard to believe it was two years ago. Easter is a special time of year and I love it. We still have Peeps parties. It’s part of Spring.


Let’s Go:New York Easter Parade