The first time I saw this timeless interpretation of a Louis classic, I was immediately smitten. First thought how clever, then how sexy, then how can I use this in my design world.

The classic Philippe Starck Louis ghost chair (via)

(via Things We Heart)

A Henry ghost chair (via)


(Ruby Beets via)

Oh! And the prism of colors! (via)

As is with all things well designed and fashionable, the possibilities are endless. Adding a Louis or Henry to a dining room or bedroom can change traditional to transitional and bring a spectrum of color and shape to your favorite accessories. I myself change out the upholstered chairs in our breakfast room for “ghosts” to add crispness and clarity for summer. This acrylic interpretation of a classic adds new sparkle in a favorite room or niche.



(via Decor Pad)

Now a timeless classic in its own right, the ghost chair has transformed many sentimental and celebratory events just by its presence. A dinner party or special event suddenly has a cool vibe.




The thing is, this sexy chair can be lightly slipped with a translucent, whimsical fabric and will completely transform to yet another fashionable look.


There’s a truly fabulous ghost for all you can imagine.

What do you think of the ghost chair? Which style do you like, and how would you use it to spruce up your space? Or, if you already own ghost chairs, how do you use them in your home?

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5 Responses to Design Eye: Clear, transparent, Ghost chairs

  1. Joe says:

    I want to know the prices of ghost chairs armless

  2. Julie says:

    I love the mirrored desk pictured with the ghost chair. Do you know who makes it?

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