We’re in the midst of ‘June Gloom’ here in L.A. – this is the part of summer where instead of getting brighter, everything gets grey for a while, mostly the month of June. Guess that’s how they coined the phrase. Well, it’s murky,cloudy and just dreary all around. I know soon enough there will be plenty of sunny days, but I’m getting anxious for the light and warmth that all the sunshine brings. It changes everything from attitudes to motivation.It’s probably not surprising then, that I’ve been finding myself drawn to interiors with hues of yellow. It’s like a little burst of sunshine, bringing light and substance to any decor. Whether inside or out, fresh sunny hues look great in any space. Let’s go Summer!

I know this is an exterior, but it’s so sweet, I can’t resist!

(via House Beautiful)

All these sunny hues look so fresh and alive. I love the painted wall above. Easy way to get the look and it’s the perfect hue. Take the cue.

Will you take a cue from summer and add some sunshine to your abode?