In my interior design business, painted floors are right up there as one of my favorite design applications. The elements of a painted floor can singlehandedly transform a space, home, or exterior into whatever architectural style you can imagine. Recently, I revisited the beauty and versatility of painted floors while planning a new design schematic for a client’s home. The possibilities became endless and paint became one of our design solutions.

Farrow & Ball (my absolute fave colors in paint) originated in the UK. They are now readily available through designers and architects in the United States. We at Walker & Co. have been using Farrow & Ball for several years. F&B colors evoke a clean and sublime beauty in any space, becoming  pure drama when applied to the floor. Add to this look their line of wallpaper, and wow! But then I digress.

Walker & Co. loves F&B! Some of our favorites are Cat’s Paw, Dead Salmon, Downpipe and French Gray. (via)

The first time I specified this technique was with stenciling. At the time, the trades in the area were not especially inclined to give it a go, but specialty painters were experimenting with lots of paint surfaces, so we began offering this great look to our clientele where applicable. Now not only is a painted floor an easy way to update a home, there are many paint contractors who have mastered the various techniques of this gorgeous application.

Just look at some of the fantastic ways to love your floors all over again while updating your home.

A very colorful floor for this great guest bedroom.

The diagonal stripe makes this narrow room appear larger. (via)

Stencil wills always looks great in gloss! (via)

Here, the sheen of the paint pulls the entire room together. The wallpaper is whimsical.

This is a great spin on a traditional floor – typically black and white, the brown is fresh. (via)

Now, this is statement! (via)

I love pure, clean, clear whites… in a number of hues here. (via)

Wow, this is fun! You can even finish a design off with a whimsical thought – Blah,Blah Blah. (via)

This is such a great look for the home and fun to build upon… Paint is the easiest part of changing your surroundings. Really.

Have you ever thought of painted floors for your home? If so, what do you think of the look and how has the look transformed the space? Have you seen or used the Farrow & Ball colors?