Recently while gathering the inspiration for a room, my client and I simply got carried away with flowers and  the beautiful digital prints that showcase gorgeous intricate patterns in a whole new way.

I am smitten with these florals in bedrooms,and of course, not just from a feminine approach but because they are so very inviting. We also noticed that with these pretty floral prints we wanted the room to be a little “mussed up”, not uptight or rigid but comfy.

The intrinsic beauty and sophistication of a beautiful floral transcends time and trends. Floral artwork of any sort is a favorite and always looks good in any number of room environments.

The wonderful thing about these beautiful prints is they look great on a single piece of furniture too.

(Scanned from Walker & Co library)


By Christopher Ryland (via)

So whether at the beach or in the city, I am dreaming of floral prints. They just have a special way of bringing a cool vibe of drama and freshness to our homes.

Do you love floral patterns? Do floral patterns or designs make you smile? What’s your vibe?