The summer is whizzing by so fast, it is hard to believe it is August already. Wow. Though this is usually the warmest month, in Southern California we are weather lucky and still look to a few more months of sun fun at the pool or on the beach.

This year I have noticed a number of clients requesting a more elaborate outdoor shower experience for their homes. When designing or remodeling a home today these retreats are a necessity, from simple to luxe. We have designed and installed many over the years and now the implementation of this genre as a retreat and getaway is extremely evident in the requests we receive and the designs we execute.

These images evoke a number of attitudes and environments. Interpreting the architecture and smart use of design elements for a outdoor shower or bath are essential to accomplish the peaceful sense for each design. Each is a statement and a glorious reminder of summer. Most of all each offers the ability to enjoy a bit of this special season all year long.

One thing’s for sure: an outdoor shower or bath will have you feeling pampered and relaxed no matter what kind of day you have had or that you want. Pamper yourself. It’s summer for a few more weeks.

Would you love to have an outdoor bath? What do you do to pamper yourself in your home?