Last Friday was the autumn equinox, or the official beginning of fall. It is truly one of the best times of the year. Though the days get shorter, the cooler weather inspires us to get out to enjoy the beautiful  colorfest of changing leaves. The texture of the season are layered and special. The air has a scent only attributed to autumn.

I am traveling to New York next week and am planning to sneak in a drive to Connecticut to see the leaves changing. If it’s a little too early for that, I’ll definitely get in a day of apple picking. My friends like to take bicycles to roam the area looking for pumpkin patches or other scenic treasures. No matter what activity we do, it is the special rituals of this season I like most in the east.

The weather is usually clear (fingers crossed) and crisp; the perfect cozy sweater works most of the time. After the festivities of the day we all love to have a warm toddy and admire our bounty.

Though I blog a couple of days a week, I did not want this special beginning of my favorite season to slip by without a nod to the prettiest aspects. Nature’s Colorfest! Don’t forget the harvest moon, should be awesome.

Happy Autumn!

Is Autumn a special season for you too? Do you have annual activities you adore with your friends and family? How about those fall clothes?