As usual, I am jotting down my latest design dilemma. I do think I have solved my problem but we’ll see. The great room in a current project is being completely reworked by removing the exterior wall and transitioning seamlessly outdoors. The challenge really is that the entire shape of the room has changed, from something easily manageable to a long slightly narrow version of its original shape. There are a number of ways to arrange the furnishings and plan the space, but I want to make sure one can see over the furnishings to glimpse the gorgeous ocean view.

I love the view (via)

Again an inside to outside transition. The room can accommodate sitting for approximately sixteen. So it really can carry a daybed or chaise, along with the sectional and chairs. I love the whole daybed vibe. This type of piece will work great for our client, who likes to lounge in the sun and read. There are so many styles, shapes, and functions, I will just visually scratch the surface here today. Of course there is not time or space to discuss the exterior daybed, another beauty. I do love the feel of this versatile piece.

I love the sleek clean lines (via)

This is classic, functional, and timeless. (via)

A luxe interpretation (via)

I like placing near a window (via)

Daybeds work so perfectly (via)


Whether the daybed is lean or upholstered the impact in a room is special and inviting.Regardless of the architecture these pieces can always make a statement and have a home in a well designed environment.



A show stopper – perfection. (via)

There is a daybed we use constantly in many fabrications and furniture plans. It is simple yet elegant, and most of all, comfortable. Check out Crate and Barrel’s fabulous piece.

This is a stunning piece! (via)

Do you have a daybed in your home? Have you used it outside of a bedroom? As a functional piece in the family room or living room? What do you think?