There are several blog posts this past year that are relevant and informative from a custom build perspective. In my business we work with architects on the design and specification of building a custom home. What does this mean? We draw and design with CAD (computer aided drafting) every detail of the interior and special concepts of the exterior. From beams to type of floor, including layout and patterns to sophisticated efficient kitchens, everything. Outdoors we will design extended living areas around pools and/or cabanas. Naturally, the appropriate trades are consulted and hired to execute all the special features and soon our client realizes their particular dream. Over the past year I have done some very cool “Custom Appointments” posts that I would love to share with you. A little stroll down memory lane…

Custom Appointments: Swimming Pools” is fabulous, and in Southern California, a pool built into the hillside or cantilever with infinity edge can take you on a sensory journey…

This is very similar to a project in Bel Air – Stunning! (image via above post)

Love the lines of this pool (image via above post)

I love the infinity edge detail (image via above post)

I can’t wait till summer to enjoy my favorite pool (image via above post)

A more recent project inspired “Custom Appointments: Window Walls”, one of my favorite looks for today’s lifestyle is the window wall that literally moves away to expose the outdoors and an entirely different expression of daily living. Our existing project is being installed now. After drawing the idea this custom piece required an architect, engineer, city planning, and of course the right product and the perfect contractor. Fortunately, we have great talent on this job and it is looking spectacular.

A window wall that opens to water is serene and relaxing (image via above post)

The pivotal large frames work well in many environments, beautiful (image via above post)

I love this seamless transition and the view, OMG (image via above post)

Step right out into your playground no matter where….  (image via above post)

Whimsical and magical, all a open window wall should be (image via above post)

This is so fun to revisit these gorgeous images and I would encourage you to check them out individually.

As a closing note, may I suggest some others you may enjoy.

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Which custom project posts have you enjoyed? Are there any projects you’d like to see in the next year on Hues & Cues?