When was the last time you noticed a fabulously well designed tile floor? As I have written here, custom designed tile floors are beautiful and yet sometimes hard to plan and scale. First, you need to establish an idea and feel for the space.There is so much beautiful product out in the market place that trying to decide and narrow in can be difficult. You need to find the right balance and the perfect motif. This is a daunting task even for a seasoned tile setter, designer or builder.  So, while working on a floor compositon I the idea of either a large dramatiic look or an intricate pattern. I also, like mixing multiple sizes and hues. When I see one (design or pattern) I love, I immediately photograph or sketch the layout. Recently the colorful geometrics laid in quarter turn or patchwork patterns really look fresh because they are a visual surprise and add a perfect splash of drama. How about the hexagon tile that seamlessly transitions into wood flooring? Now that’s a great idea. It is also, a very clever way of separating a dining or office area. Kinda perfect for open floor plans. What do you think? Pretty cool.

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Another idea, I adore are these chic black and white hex tiles placed randomly under a tub ( as image above) Great idea!

Aren’t your floored, by the various ways to use tile?