I love Paris, the city of Lights. I have been traveling there to attend fashion or home furnishing shows for many years. Some years we take away more thought provoking ideas and interpretations of the creative than others, but fabulous this show is… Be sure.

Maison&Objet www.maison-objet.com/en/index.php is the quintessential home furnishing venue. As an interior designer traveling to Paris for this show can be critical to business. I have attended with clients or colleagues and always find it a great learning experience.

As was demonstrated by this 2010 show the exhibitions showcase many truly great creative minds in the world of design.

Exhibitions at Maison & Object are always creative and provocative and 2010 was no different. Tremendous and overwhelming THE show takes focus and intent. Most of all EDITING.

A Special Exhibit “Nomadic Tales” had a message that can easily be understood. The new luxury of nomadic life as showcased in the Hermes presentation.

I love another exhibit “Ultra Lace”. Lace as an art form in itself applied and explored as contemporary. The creative potential is exemplary as in this exhibit. This show and it’s content is something interior design professionals can share with their clients as I have in the past.

While attending Masion &Objet:I meet people in other businesses and new vendors from all over Europe. I also, meet other American designers or manufacturers attending the show. The client benefits from our attendance and when a client  accompanies me it is even more enlightening.

I recently spoke with a client of mine who had joined me for Maison & Object (2008)and her comments are worth noting here. When discussing the show with her I learned what she garnered from this adventure and how it helped in planning and designing her home. It was the first time she had visited special boutique hotels as Blakes Hotel in London. Www.blakeshotels.com, or the Very French Ritz Hotel in Paris. www.ritzparis.com. Both a treat from different perspectives – great design, architecture and elegance. She recalls spotting a lighting trend at the time and noticed this trend interpreted two years later at the chic SLS Hotel in Los Angeles. Www.StarwoodHotels.com . We made an appointment to stop by the atelier of Renzo Piano rpbw.r.ui-pro.com/ the prolific and acclaimed architect.

We were given a tour of new projects by a key architect working for Mr. Piano. The Architects workshop is fascinating to see; these great minds develop and make their own proto types for applications to be used in their various projects worldwide. Stunning for an interior designer and her client to experience. Fashion of course abounds all over Paris and as a designer I am always looking for the next trend– my client loved this insight as to how things actually translate from fashion into the home market. She recalls meeting several great European vendors and some vendors from the States. All were surprised to see a interior designer from Southern California with her client. My response:

I am Always looking to the future for design inspiration, emerging talent in all things decoration and to….. enjoy the ride.