Designers, taste makers, and the like begin their design schematic with particular cues – rugs, art pieces, or fabulous found elements. From these ideas we proceed to build the design. With spring blossoming around us and calling for rebirth, colorful rugs provide an easy way to reinvigorate your decor. My choice is a quick and chic style change for my favorite rooms: guest, family, or cabana – any room that you love and use often to relax or entertain. With broad ranges in design and price points, one can transform a space into a glorious seasonal retreat instantly!

Just look at how this rug changes the feeling in these very different rooms.

This particular design is by Matthew Williamson for The Rug Company.

The Rug Company, headquartered in the UK, makes rugs that are the quintessential statement (like the Matthew Williamson above). These rugs certainly add character to their spaces. Here’s some of my favorites.

Love the Union Jack! Haven’t had the opportunity to use it. Sometime…

Tufenkian is another company with exquisite patterns and design. They have a sustainable message and continue their humanitarian response to developing this special product. I love the rugs and I love what the company stands for. They also are host to some wonderfully relevant designers worldwide, with a peak of spring choices. Imagine one of these in one of your favorite rooms…

I have custom made this rug and each time the colorway presents a whole new feel to the pattern.

I’ve used this rug for a client and it’s just sensational.

So many choices…


(images courtesy The Rug Company and Tufenkian)