There’s currently a giant blank space on our living room wall. I’ve been searching for the right thing to fill it, but nothing seems to fit with our style and our budget (which is understandably low since we’ll likely be moving into a different place at the end of our lease).  I’ve looked at several options, from paintings to mirrors to shelving, but once I started seeing images like this I knew I’d found our solution:

(via xoxo Decorate With Love)

A gallery wall! It’s dramatic, can be adjusted to any budget, and lets you use lots of your favorite pieces instead of having to settle for just one (great for those who are indecisive, like me).

(Domino via Apartment Therapy)


They can look completely different based on your preferences: the images themselves, the arrangement, the colors, the symmetry, the spacing (just look at the tight, asymmetrical cluster above compared to the evenly distributed one below). Each one is totally unique.

(via Classically Elegant)

(via Design Hole)


The big sell for me? An art wall can be added to and rearranged to fit into new spaces! Perfect for the inevitable moves we’ll have over the next few years. I’ve already started collecting pictures I want to include.

Do you prefer single pieces or groupings like this? What type of grouping do you like best?