When I was growing up in Southern California, we had a booth in our kitchen. It served as the breakfast, lunch, and dinner host. The kitchen booth became the game playing, schmoozing, and homework area of our home. This booth was the place we met to socialize with our friends for hours, or have a private talk with mom. A lot of childhood memories are made in the kitchen and though the “kitchen booth” has faded away, an updated version by another name – “banquette” is a fabulous way to control and plan an intimate yet social area in our kitchens.

Perfect for a large kitchen space

Doesn’t this look inviting?

Pull up some favorite chairs

Practical and unpretentious, these space saving pieces have evolved into great expressions of good design while not losing their original intent. Banquettes have had such a resurgence in the past several years that today our company does not design a kitchen area without some type of nook or banquette.

A banquette with a whimsical touch

Simple and clean

The materials for banquettes are strong, durable, and beautiful. A quality craftsmen can work wonders with gorgeous woods, finishes, and storage spaces. When utilizing faux leathers or colorfast, stain resistant acrylic fabrics, the array of colors and textures make the possibilities endless. When building a banquette with these quality materials the creative design can evolve simply. So practical is the banquette you can change the look or feel by simply adding different back cushions seasonally. Viola!



There are so many styles and expressions for these designed banquettes, that I always look to the overall structure and design of the intended kitchen to guide my plan. The banquette is truly a kitchen staple!!


Wow, what a beauty

Do you have a banquette in your kitchen? Do you like the versatility of these pieces for your kitchen or family room? How would you design your area?