I have been musing for weeks about our upcoming travel plans. First Paris for a few days, and then on to ringing in 2012 in Venice, Italy. I’m sooooo excited. I have been planning this for awhile. We are meeting friends and family in Venice for the New Year celebrations. This is going to be great. The city is glorious at this time of year, and we get an opportunity to live the Christmas season as the Venetians. I have lots of plans, and of course most include eating and shopping.


Stunning at night (via)

We will be going to the masked concert on New Year’s Eve at the opera house, followed by a great dinner at my favorite, Harry’s Bar.

Redone and gorgeous (via)

Aren’t these beautiful? (via)

This is the view from Harry’s (via)

This is a famous treat after dinner or mid day at Harry’s (via)

No Venetian celebration will be complete without cool fireworks at midnight. I need a mask and I’m ready to go! Wow!

Oh, I just bet this is going to be outrageous (via)


Happy New Year…

Have you ever travelled to Venice? For New Year’s celebration? What are you doing this year?