Red is  the color of prosperity, passion, energy and warmth which translates beautifully in accessories and select furniture pieces for designing interiors. It can also, evoke a variety emotions especially  if you design interiors using the art of Feng Shui. Keeping balance in mind, Feng Shui practitioners would probably never paint the walls in a bedroom , red. Why is that? Fire and conflict is the emotional response to red walls in an intimate space, yet when a placed piece of art or decorative object is red the emotional response is different, more positive and less  fiery.  In fashion, red is the holy grail of chic. From handbags to ball gowns red is powerful, a statement and evokes confidence when you enter  a room. I think my favorites, red cars, red jeans (love) and of course a signature ruby-red lip.

Some quick thoughts on the color red: Red is the warmest color. Red is one of the three primary colors. Red is the first color chosen by type A personalities. Red is the color of passionate love. Red is confident.


Really, from beautiful art to special pieces in design ( home, auto, clothing, jewels and even wine), red is joy! Red is intoxicating.

Great placement of red. (via)

Walls, carpet, patterns – all great (via)

Great composition, perfect red balance (via)

Chinese Chippendale (via)

A little Vespa to run around town (via)

Porsche 356 – classic and red (via)

Gemstones also have great meaning in the color red. A ruby should be worn on the left hand. In Feng Shui, if you place red gemstones around your home or office they will attract energy and vitality.  Really.


Ruby slippers. I feel the energy. (via)

Wines, beautiful color (via)

When you add a splash of red to your life, you add enthusiasm and interest. There is more energy around you, inviting confidence to dream bigger. Red is also the protector from fear and anxiety. Amazing! No wonder we all love this color. It evokes so much emotion. Something to think about.