Spring Fever has hit me hard these past couple weeks. I have been working with a new client and recently she suggested a fabulous idea! Come to Hong Kong with her next month to evaluate what we are designing for her residence at the beach. Though I adore Hong Kong, I’m thinking we need some gorgeous Thai fabrics and furnishings for the outdoor living spaces and I would really like to go to Thailand and do some shopping. She agrees. Recently, I have been reading about Chiva-Som, translated as “Haven of Life”, a healing spa resort outside of Bangkok in HauHin . I’m thinking I might be inclined to take a three day side trip and replenish my spirit and balance my chi. Secluded by tropical gardens with a beautiful beachfront this tranquil place sounds perfect.

I’m feeling it- let’s go (via)

What a gorgeous entrance, I’m peaceful already (via)

The simplicity and restfulness beckons (via)

I want my own healing master too (via)

Serene pools, the rooms secluded (via)

A pavilion for yoga practice, with my master of course (via)

From the moment you arrive, the resort offers any combination of ancient eastern therapies combined with the latest western techniques. All designed  to relax, decompress and pamper. This total relaxation sounds like a perfect retreat. I think this has got to be my plan. Now should that be, before or after Hong Kong? After….

The Welcome – wheat tea

The colors and textures so peaceful (via)

I can see it now, a gorgeous sunset and more yoga (via)

Have you been to Chiva-Som in Thailand? Do you like to vacation at spa resorts? Which is your favorite?