I fell in love with Santa Fe, New Mexico a long time ago. The first time I visited, it was winter and snowing! Beautiful. The art scene on Canyon Road and architecture of the adobe buildings drew me in immediately. There is a spiritual aspect to the land once settled and inhabited by the Anasazi Indian, and you sense this presence. It is what fascinates and draws people here to build peaceful dream homes that gracefully meld into the hills. The Adobe is breathtaking.

This image says it all (via)

A relaxing modern feel to this adobe (via)

Most adobes in town have this sensibility of simplicity (via)

In the town of Sante Fe (Centro), the adobe homes are modest and charming, and as you drive a few minutes out of the center into the hills the mesas unfold before you. This is where we are working, right above the Centro. It has been a few years since I wandered the area for inspiration and art for a project. I must say the Native American art and artifacts look very fresh (I’m so LA). And the best thing? The many artisans with capabilities to build or craft anything we may or will need for this project.

This RC Graham  has gorgeous color with black (via)

The spirit walker at wounded knee by Frank Howell is wonderful (via)

Native beading designs on baskets (via)

Rugs in gorgeous patterns (via)

I like a more austere approach with great art (via)

This Ralph Lauren collection with large art (via)

I am just visiting this weekend to get a feel for the land, so to speak. It’s clear, dry and warm. The project is very intriguing.  Stay tuned – I’m on the road to inspiration and will be shopping in LA and Taos for this cool adobe.

Can’t wait to eat at the Santa Cafe before we leave.

An image of how I remember first meeting Santa Fe. (via)

Do you like the Adobe vibe? How would you decorate this type home? Colors?