I know there are some who would say that Black or White are not colors. Well, they are, and my love for both in clothing and home furnishings started a very long time ago. My first apartment was a study in op art, blanc and noir. There is nothing more stunning than a beautiful piece of furniture in Black. Equally, there is nothing more compelling than the pristine starkness of white in everything. I love them together in most forms, and from my perspective there is nothing as chic or crisp as black and white interiors. Note I said chic, I realize if not handled correctly anything can be garish. Not here:

How perfect is this trio? Blanc et noir poodles and gorgeous Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina <3  (via)

Pretty stunning,non? (via)

Love the animal mix prints in blanc et noir (via)


I love this image, don’t you want to relax? Right here. (via)

The Hempel in London, perfected minimal blanc et noir in the 80’s (via)

Everything looks fresh in white and black or black and white. From the original Barbie, in her smart black and white stripe swimsuit, to automobiles, which always look slick in black or white, and everything in between; this pair cannot be beat for beauty and attitude. Intrinsically classic.

Here she is in the original form, stripe swimsuit and all (via)

This letter and the studio, how chic (via)

Beautiful, classic Austin Healy

These trays are awesome (via)

Blanc et noir gift tags (via)

The perfect wedding cake? (via)

Ok, one sorta garish, or maybe it’s just me. Thanks for indulging me, on my ode to blanc et noir en francais.

This is kinda cool, just not sure about the stuffed zebra, etc. (via)

Do you like white and black? Do you dress in all black or white? Do you look at things in black or white terms? Ha ha, just threw that in. Have a wonderful day.