If you read Hues and Cues, you have probably noticed that I am mad for art. To me, most design perceptions point to some related art form. My taste is quite varied and I often wish I had 50’ walls so I could fill them with the varied pieces I see in my travels and some that I just fall in love with, immediately. What really appeals to me are the thought provoking, emotional responses that an artist is relaying while engaging our senses. I know many Interior designers who have an art installation company or person as part of the team for installing their clients projects. That being said, we interior designers don’t often ask our art installers to help us in our own home. Why? Frankly, we never have the time. Well, I did ask an installer recently to help me. I loved the experience and I can’t believe how the rearranged art has changed my home. I love it.  He approached the whole project from a gallery point of view and placed pieces I love in unexpected places so that I may gaze upon them from many angles all the time. A fresh point of view.

Now this is a installation, dramatic yet calm and peaceful (via)

The entry is glamourous and the photographs work perfectly (via)

I have always loved fashion art for a bedroom or ladies repose (via)

Have always loved this idea (via)

This composition is well designed and placed (via)

Dragonflies, this is stunning (via)

I love the cranes, too, great composition (via)

So well designed and the art is spectacular in this setting (via)

I have been fortunate in that most of our clients own or collect art and/or artifacts, which is perfect when redesigning or building their homes or offices. The arrangement of art, though installed at the end of a design scheme, is always planned and drawn out from the moment we begin. It is the installer however who possesses the magic touch. With their experience and expertise the art and the walls meld together seamlessly, becoming an intricate part of the overall plan. In some instances, the art IS the plan.

I love the empty frame concept, though can’t remember where this is, SLS, Viceroy? (via)