All this week I have been sifting through my tear sheet and image library for ideas and inspiration for a new project. I’m looking for a mountain country vibe with a Swiss twist. Well, I came across a very cool spread on designer Daniel Truffer from a Interiors 2011 magazine. The house is in Lake Brienz with a breathtaking view of the Alps. From the exterior the chalet appears as many others in the area, however the interior is a whole different story with extensive carvings in select knotted pine, inlay ceilings, and chic lean and modern appointments, a real tribute to the genre. Wow, I’m not sure what I think as design inspiration for my project, but this would certainly be a cozy, comfy place to be in a snow storm. What do you think ? Do you like the ceilings and carved woodwork?

(via Interiors Magazine Aug/Sept 2012)

I really like the knotted pine, it almost looks fresh again, almost…

(Photography by Bruno Helbling)