Only a few more days and I will be off traveling for the holiday’s. Yippee. I can hardly wait. This year I was dying for some new luggage. My collection is like a potpourri of decent pieces but… I’m really smitten over a newer and more streamline vibe.Perhaps you have seen them, aluminum magnesium polycarbonate, sounds very SpaceX no? Anywho, I began my never ending search and came upon some real beauties in several gorgeous colors. Of course the classic’s never go out of style so my LV’s are staying but I see a Rimowa in my future.



Beautifully classic and timeless  (via)


This new carbonate from Hermes is pretty cool 



Now this is the one I love!!blog-6

Left Image (via) / Right Image (via)



Last year in Paris I couldn’t resist a visit to one of my favorite stores  (via)


Left Image (via) / Right Image (via)

 Let’s go: I’m waiting to fly!