On the blog one of my favorite subjects to muse about is Paris. I’m obsessed. French speaking lessons, French fashion, interior design and of course the food!!!  It seems that on an annual basis I get the idea that I need to rent a flat in Paris. A month would be good and though I keep talking about it, I hope to pack up and just do it. I even know how I would decorate my apartment. There are so many sides of the Parisian lifestyle and from a design perspective several that inspire me. The starkness of black and white against aged architectural elements is gorgeous and timeless. I have pulled some images of my expression of a black and white Parisian style. I love the typeface and script. My favorite is the glass pendant! Objet obsessed.


Images from Left to right: Architectural Stairwell, Cappuccino Cup, Arm Chair, Macaroons, Paris Type, Chaise Lounge, Document