Here on H&C’s, I am constantly discussing my process and the inspiration for pending or existing projects. Sometimes, however, I’m just thinking of the next opportunity or what may lay ahead for a project I’m currently working on. This week has been all about various hues and defining color palettes. How I could or would use them in a design scheme. Not all colors are easy to incorporate into our projects, but I like them nonetheless. So, when I saw this great color palette recently in a favorite shelter magazine, I just had to share it. Don’t you love these fabulous hues?I, especially like Dorothy peacefully dreaming… Fun hues and products, right?


1.Floral Art Chair  2. Kate Spade Hello Sunshine iPhone Case  3. Swim Suit  4. Floral Book Case  5. A+O Bicycle 6. Arm Chair   7.  Floral Plate