The rattan revival is really prevalent this year in all form of furniture and accessory design. I have not been a fan of rattan for years. I’m more of a cane bamboo or faux bois type. Though I will own up to being quite smitten with colonial anything ( ie: Dutch, French and British) when I started my design biz several years ago. All of these design eras included some type of rattan, cane or wicker. Soooo, now it’s back with a new look. Quite spectacular really. I love the pieces we have chosen for our project.inspiration. They are updated and fresh. Chicer than a “Revival of Rattan” It’s now time to “Rock the Rattan” for a modern summer design look and plan.

Composite1. Indochine Arm Chair Mandarin 2. Hanging Rattan Chair 3. Handwoven Odette Bench 4. Ringo Low Rattan Chair 5. STORSELE