Gingham is again having a fashion and decor moment. Now the question is, did it ever really go away or is it just that with new interpretations and fun colors, is it fresh and design worthy? While browsing for some cool ideas and applications I ran across a fabulous gingham ceiling, what a cool idea. Not to mention the fresh take on a gingham plaid floor. I adore Jeffrey Bilhuber’s wonderfully designed room with duo images of “Honest Abe” truly a clever interpretation. For me however, I need small doses of gingham. My pink and white Frank&Eileen shirt for instance is very now. The metal and resin Lucy Chaise by Janus et Cie is more my speed, clean and crisp. The classic and my dream bed by Hästens is the quintessential all time fave gingham piece. Love the dog bed? Sweet dreams for a puppy dog.


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