It’s mid summer and the “4th” is just around the corner. Every year we gather with our neighbors, family and friends for a kicked back day at the beach. The day is filled with games and plenty of water activities. A holiday we all plan and look forward to. After the fun day everyone contributes to the perfect BBQ dinner. Each year we split up a menu of traditional and new recipes to grill. Always some surprises and coupled with a delicious “drink of the day” the evening is always fun and memorable with lots of catch up on families, stories and games Then at 9:00, the fireworks. We can watch them from a neighbors back balcony. So we pass around the sparklers and make a toast to America, and ourselves. (You know friends, babies, jobs, etc.)
Below I have gathered some items that will be star spangled this year for our festive day. All with a cool vibe. Hope you enjoy Independence Day 2013. Personally, I am looking forward to my annual hot dog with ALL the trimmings. Yippee!

4thcomposite-final1. Summer Plates  2. Beach Radio  3. Vintage Sparklers   4. Flag Napkins   5. Bean Bag Toss  6. Grill Utensil Set  7. Root Beer BBQ Sauce