I loved to hang out in my room as a young girl. I played for hours in my doll world, imagining all kinds of new outfits for my various dolls. Of course they were always off to some faraway place. Just inside my closet on the floor with all my stuff around me, I would play for hours. It was a creative time and a time to day dream. I really loved my room and though it wasn’t large or particularly super designed it was mine and a great place to retreat to play and ponder. We have designed many girls rooms over the years with each an expression of the special little person and their likes, requests and interests. Recently, a clients daughter wanted her room to have unicorns and glittery fairies with forest and stars shining down. It was so much fun, the furnishings, finishes and accessories. Truly magical and though there is so much product to choose from I find each project is always unique and individual, just like the girls and their fun requests for their own special retreat. A place to dream.

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