While out and about design shopping these past couple of weeks for bath fixtures, tile and slabs I’m simply amazed at the beauty, quality and quantity of products in the marketplace. Really some gorgeous stuff and the selections are endless. For me when shopping bath fixtures the important thing is identifying a product with enduring style and quality. I look for,Timeless. This takes some serious shopping around to adhere to a budget. Darn those budgets. I travel miles to boutique stone yards or a special tile warehouse and look for the perfect selection, plus I might add, in LA traffic this is no easy task. As always, I want my choices to make a spectacular splash. Ha ha, I love puns.  While cruising Pinterest yesterday I found some really cool inspiration and with virtually, no shelter magazines, it is one of my favorite choices for thought provoking  imagery.

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 I really love the mix here and think, these are too beautiful not to share. Don’t you agree? Bath beauties.