Here he is, my summer obsession, love of my life, puppy of my dreams. Wow, what a job getting a new puppy, a standard poodle puppy at that. The summer of Beau as we fondly call it has been both fun and challenging. Standard poodles learn very quickly and it is said they train their person. I sometimes think that’s exactly what he’s doing to us. Of course, now that he is getting bigger and more social I have found some wonderful products for him. First, I adore the Doggles for sun and fun and already ordered the Billy Wolf water bowl, so cute. I wonder if they make a trench coat for standard’s, perfect for fall and winter. Don’t ya think?

Pet Products

1.Pet Tote  2.Puppy Trench Coat 3.Portable Water Bowl  4.Pet Teepee  5.Bandana  6.Ombre Rope Leash  7.Pet Head Shampoo