Converting a barn to a sleek loft like environment is not a new idea but, wow it would be a wonderfully exciting design project. Some friends recently bought a great piece of property in Connecticut with both a house and a barn on it. They are contemplating razing the house but not before a total remodel of the barn. So exciting. Both have a fabulous design aesthetic and want to design a open floor plan that is not only timeless but sustainable and green. Their dream, to live off the land. Again, wow, how very cool. In my neck of the woods (beach,surf,sand) the opportunity to have a barn is slim, much less gut it and redesign chic new digs. Do I sound a tad envious? I must say, it would be really cool to be involved in the design or redesign of a contemporary barn environment. I’ll offer up my opinions, of course. A barn, how endlessly chic…

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