This week has been all about lists, guides and gift giving for all of our family, friends and co-workers. Now, we are thinking of our furry four legged friends, the doggies and kitties in our lives. Here, I am primarily shopping for my Beau, (Standard Poodle) who has grown from a wee pup into quite the hound in the six months I’ve had him. As we were looking for products it occurred to me how really clever and beneficial all the gifts we chose are. For instance,the Slo-Bowl, for all the woofers out there it is a great way to slow the chowing but also make dinnertime fun. I have loved the Doggles since I first laid eyes on them (pun intended), however, Beau is still to young to appreciate this cool accessory. How about a safety clip on light that simply plugs into your computer’s usb? Very cool, indeed. Again, there are so many fabulous toys, treats, necessities and accessories for your best bud it is hard to decide. I know what Beau-ser is getting this year. He may get a tad spoiled, it is his first Christmas after all.



1.Kong Aqua  2.Billy Wolf Jacket  3.Doggles  4.Slo-Bowl  5.Safety Light  6.Poodle Pillow  7.ResQ Co. Leash  8.Dog Bed