“I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” which never happens here in Southern Cal, but for many of you, snow falls early in the season, wrapping  your home and surroundings in a gorgeous white glistening glow. That is until the next day. Ha. I love snow and I actually love winter. In the silence, peacefulness and clarity of fresh fallen snow I look at the textures and colors and am  constantly inspired. For me everything looks beautiful covered in a wash of white and one of my favorite color palettes just happens to come naturally to Mr. Snow Owl. How beautiful is he? There is also, the freshness of white wash on pine beams or a birch floor( perfect anytime of the year), in winter the natural washed woods are particularly warm and inviting. This is the perfect time for cozy cable knits, fluffy flokati rugs and a soft down duvet. They all seem to add instant luxe and a dose of pure comfort. Oh, I can put myself there so easily… so, as we contemplate the upcoming holiday’s and the coming year, I think I’ll just wish for a snow day. Oh that’s right, dream of a snow day and wish I lived where we had snowy holidays.

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