I don’t often get the opportunity to work on a handsome gents home but, I can dream. It has been awhile since I had an unattached male as a client, and when I did it was a great time designing and working on a project for a guy with great style. Today in my office, I was going through several binders of design work and came across a project we did a few years ago and at the time was different for W&C. Our client was a well-heeled gentlemen who had great taste and had interests that ran the gambit, everything from surfing to motorcycles. And then there were, fast cars. We designed a very chic high-tech media room and expansive great room  for his home, and as I looked through the project today, I thought… I would do it so differently now, perhaps sleeker, you know very Grant, Connery,Clooney or at least how I would interpret them in on-screen persona. Decked out in tuxedo’s and drinking martinis, mid-day. Ha. I like a vibe of the cosmopolitan type guy living in a city with a great view and who also, plays poker… A handsome touch.

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