I have always had a penchant for Santa Fe, New Mexico. It started in the 90’s when I went there to scout a photo shoot with the apparel company I worked for and at the time it was the quintessential art community. Oh, and then there was the food, oh my!! A very of the moment vibe then and now. I did spend a fair amount of time in this lovely town and some years later Santa Fe, would be the perfect sourcing outlet for a home we would build in Telluride, Colorado. Recently, some friends spent several days in Santa Fe and Taos and we began discussing the current art movement and a new spin on traditional adobe architecture and southwest inspired textiles and interiors. I like,warm hand tooled leather, upholstered with Navajo blankets and woven stools made of hand dyed leather, the look is so fresh when added to a more minimal environment. Not cluttered. Sun-baked colors provide a softness to a stark white wash that is so prevalent in the new adobe. I really love the contrast when coupled with rustic trestles and beams. The humble adobe becomes clean and modern. This new adobe continues to pay homage to the vast beauty of all things southwest just perhaps more humble.

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