Lighting is one of the most important aspects of my design philosophy and intricate to all design schematics. Why? Because it is the lighting that sets architecture a glow, presents landscape as architectural and renders interiors dramatic. That simple. The illumination of a room or an entire property is one of my first considerations when sourcing endless possibilities of a particular style or design in our projects. I am currently shopping for a large ceiling piece and happen to love the fixtures in these first images below. In fact, I’m sort of smitten with the classic ceiling medallion moulding paired with the expansive light fixtures. In past projects we have placed light  fixtures in multiples at various heights for drama and impact in dining rooms, outdoor areas and a couple of interiors with awesome exposed beams which worked out perfectly. I am really excited about the direction we are headed and with all the options I’m convinced we will elevate the illumination to a new heights…

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