This is a re-wind post from a couple of years ago. Still the same premise. We are very lucky to live in this country and be free. We can thank our founding fathers for designing and drafting our Declaration and the men and women in the military whom give there all to insure we are safe. God Bless America.

Come on, can you believe we are into the second half of the year and counting? It is incredible to me how each year seems to fly by a little faster than the year before. Why is that? This is a special holiday to me for a number of reasons but mostly, I like July 4th. because it is a patriotic reminder of our individual freedom and free will  what it has taken in sacrifice to get here. No other place (country) on earth offers these gifts to all women and men. Only, this United States of America.

Last year HuesandCues had fun with our July 4th post. We did a two part series. One on home interiors and another on food in red, white and blue. Check them out!

Take Two: Fourth of July, Part I

Take Two:Fourth of July,Part II

I am loving some of these images and ideas for a festive day with plenty of friends and family.


Lucky for us the beach is always a first option and the most relaxing and fun way to spend a the day in Southern California. The people watching is amazing!!!


Happy Independence Day 2012!!!