It has been a very busy two weeks and with all my good intentions, Hues and Cues, again takes a back seat. First,it was my husbands birthday party. So, fun and everyone who worked with me did such an incredible job! The party planner, caterer, DJ, and even the rental company, all professional and efficient. How often can you say that, these days? I plan on posting this fabulous event as soon as I get back some of the photos taken during the evening. It was magical. Lots of fun had by all. Whew!

I started re-working my house for the party (moving furniture, rugs and even accessories) and now I find myself wanting to have more parties this spring and certainly in the summer. Why not? I must say I haven’t felt like having parties for a while, there has just been so much on my plate. But, with things easing up a bit, it’s a good time to enjoy my home and friends. So, until it’s a lot warmer outside, I’m thinking of what I can do with the dining areas (inside & outside) to update and liven up. Design eye, found some cool new looks for both areas. Mostly, I love some of the light fixtures. I so, need, want new lighting over my tables and love the drama of BIG. I also, adore all things ghost or acrylic, as witnessed here in past posts. I think placing some large art is also cool.I would need to move mine around or I can buy fun art at several retailers. I like, Z Gallerie. For lighting, maybe Arteriors or Circa Lighting. Yes, great idea. I’m doing it.The best thing is when friends come over and ask, “Gee, your house looks so different, what have you done?” I say,”nothing really, just moved things around”. Of course, there are always some new nuances via purchases, but that’s my little secret.


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