Speaking of Pastels. I could go for  a luscious lavender tub? or a set of colorful standard poodles? Just had to add a few more inspiring images celebrating the beginning of Spring. Can’t wait to start moving the furniture around and get some fresh accessories. The guys are coming today to move furniture, rugs and large plants to my hearts desire. Can’t wait. I have been planning in my head for a couple of weeks. Got to run to the storage unit before they arrive… I’ll take Beau Walker with me. I love his company and his opinion is pretty spot on, too.  That’s my standard poodle (he’s black).

This is how I make it official in my home, Spring has Sprung!

1.Glorious pink hair, 2.Pastel Jewels, 3.Lavender Tub, 4.Chic nude leather chairs, 5.Pink sofa, 6.Feather girl, 7.Colorful poodles, 8. Pastel leaves