“I’m going to Paris next week and I’m  so excited. We are staying at a small boutique hotel in the 6th district which is  a cool neighborhood with lots of shops and good restaurants. Of course is there such a thing as a shop or food being bad when in “The city of light” ? No. Well, I understand that the is city is brilliantly festive at Christmas time and I am so looking forward to sightseeing at this time of the year. I will be putting my French lessons to work this time. Think I’ll start with menus or asking to purchase something. I have he taxi’s down. Can’t wait , I think Paris in  winter is beauty at its loveliest. Tiens!

I wish, though the  top one I do have. (via)

I am so looking forward to eating and  shopping. I love the sales and flea markets in Paris,  and after Christmas they are fantastic! I think one of my first stops should be Galeries Lafayette. The decorations are magnificent and legendary. Just the thing to put you in the mood, as if that is hard in Paris.

Isn’t this beautiful? (via)

I can’t wait to see their decorations, is this taken with a fish eye lens? Image: Behn Lieu Song (via)

I love to  walk the streets in big cities (Paris may be my fave), I really enjoy all the bustling activity while browsing a variety of clever shops. This year I plan to visit the Montmartre. I purchased a painting a few years ago at a favorite haunt and it is time to check it out again. The Metro is easy to use and is the best way to get around the city. Especially  in chilly or rainy weather. My husband and I use metro’s or subways in every city we can. It’s fast and direct. Tres Bon.

The Metro is a great way to get around in winter. (via)


It’s been a long time and this is a special area of Paris. (via)

After shopping around for hours, my favorite pastime is people watching. Of course!! The people of Paris are so chic and fashionable. Feels my head with ideas. We stop at a cafe, to sip some coffee or have a drink and relax. My faves, depending on area are Cafe Costes (Les Halles) Lipp (Old School, heart) or Cafe de Flores. They are all good options and provide the perfect voyeur corner every time.


Rejuvenated and warmed we then continue window shopping and take in the beautiful Christmas lights. So much to cover, so little time. ..

There are some fabulous designer shops in this area. (via)

I can’t wait to see this lit up for Christmas. (via)

Our hotel is near the Norte Dame(via)

No day or night would be complete without a glimpse of the Eiffel in all its glory. Lights magnificent!! Abosolument!

We will be dining at the Jules Vern in the Eiffel. (via)

Have you been to Paris for the winter holidays? Isn’t it beautiful? Any special ideas?