This week everything is about going to the design show in Paris to bask in the cultural wonderment of constant change. Truly, one of my favorite cities.I adore the architectural and historical beauty of a culture that has and always will be, Paris. Is this not the reason I enrolled in French classes? Or why I explore the nuances of the art, fashion and music? Maybe just maybe I could have an opportunity to live in Paris, if only for a month. The city is a bit mystic and it immediately draws me in because it is here where I again gain inspiration and get rejuvenated about design and life in general. Sounds like a cure-all, right? Well, sometimes a visit does just that. Even in the rain. I have had this blanc et noir thought for the blog all week.I think it is so very Parisian. While browsing for images, I thought, if I had an apartment in Paris, I could see it having great contrast with hints of the city’s influence. Intriguing. A different sort of vibe yet very French. Again, from mimes to macaroons, blanc et noir is very chic.

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