“Twice annually the interior design trade show, Maison + Objet is in Paris. Of the two, I prefer the show in January, ( the other is in, September). This interior design show is massive showcasing vendors and artisans from all over the globe.I find the breadth and vibe of talent to be so stimulating and thought-provoking it sort of “jump starts” the year for my creative thinking. It may sound odd to love Paris in winter, but,I do. It is a great time to be in the city. For the most part,you can get a reservation at almost any restaurant, go to all the fabulous sales and if your lucky find the perfect boutique hotel in the 16th at a great rate. Love that! The show has vendors from all over the globe, literally. It is this one ( January) with all the latest innovations in textiles,too. The perfect reason for all creatives to make their way there, at one time or another in their business adventures. As I was thinking about my trip and how I view Paris, I came upon this outrageous image of a woman (ala Marlene Dietrich) smoking. I kept thinking how Paris can be so black and white. From the mimes to the macaroons, it’s a perfect tribute to the City of Light. I’m so excited, I love Paris and I look to be inspired by Maison + Objet, “Elsewhere”, this year is the theme. Always provocative. I’ll keep you posted.”



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