I have always had a penchant for plaid. Smitten with tartan for as long as I can remember. I adored the kilt skirt I had in grade school and today I have my own (Allison) plaid and wear it when appropriate. I have written here many times on this subject, from  mens suitings and Harris tweeds to a gorgeous tartan settee for Dedon. Swoon. The beauty and sophistication of a tartan plaid never seems to bore. So, when I saw the tartan packaging for MAC cosmetics , I was attracted all over again. It really caught my eye. Next I spotted the J.Crew studded flats! Oh my, these beauties became another inspiration of this traditional plaid in a totally new look and spin. It’s the gold studs! The tartan is so versatile that for interior design it becomes a perfectly modern floor for offices, bars and dens or even as a wall covering as the right plaid will add interest and dimension to pull a room together be it contemporary or transitional. I think the two examples below tell the story simply and succinctly. Let’s not forget the quintessential and beautifully tailored plaid statement chair. Always a favorite. This season, try some tartan on for style. Fashionable, chic and very now. Enjoy..

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