I’m in the process of re-thinking my kitchen and have been shopping various vendors for new and exciting product. I need to replace some appliances, change out, counter tops and perhaps do a little reconfiguration re-imagination as well. What a perfect opportunity to evaluate and redesign the look and function of our most viable space. As with most people our life evolves around the kitchen so form and function is of utmost importance. This collection for La Cornue by Jean Michel Wilmotte is stunning and though the suite may not be a fit for my architecture, I sure do love it. I’m struck by the clean lines of all the pieces. Then there is the color, black.I adore black and it looks so fresh, doesn’t it?  I think, I would become a chef if I had a kitchen built with these gorgeous appliances, it definitely screams professional and beautifully designed. Now, I’m debating how this vibe could work in my environment. Well,I think I’ll add the inspiration to my “New Build” folder, you never know what might be taken from it. I’m at the beginning of a process a long process at that. For now I will simply appreciate the beauty and dream.


What do you think? Pretty stunning?