Now this is the way to start 2019! This weekend was packed with Big surf, gorgeous sky and a super quiet beach. Ok, it had been rainy and cold all week but, who care’s it is a beautiful sight and a great way to start off the new year. Everyone seems in good spirits ( especially the surfer’s here) as the year is getting started, I like that, refreshed from the hectic holiday season. A stressful holiday season, actually and personally I’m glad it’s over. Now, we are on to the next thing and a new year.

I have not posted on the blog in a long while. Like everything else, things shift and change. It’s been a hectic few years with several ups and downs. I’m grateful to have come around the bend with a much better attitude, feeling strong with a sense of excitement about the future. Not sure how exactly to design this shiny future but I’m looking. Searching, actually. I’m sure the sparkle  and/or glimpse of the right path will present itself to me, it’s out there, I just know it.

In the meantime, I am re-familiarizing myself with Hues and Cues blog, sorting through content – and re-evaluating direction and what I would like to accomplish with my musings. It’s hard to find the fine line of sharing who you are, really. I’m sort of private, and if I’m going to post here, I guess, I need to be more open, forthright and freer. We’ll see what happens. So many things to do to get up and running. I’m kind of a perfectionist, it’s the design gene, therefore, we are reworking the look and feel of the blog. The same but different. Just like me. Looking to relaunch a reimagined ( tired of that word) or refreshed ( tired of this word too), let’s go with updated platform. Yes!

I was looking over my Wisdom board on Pinterest, and like these few inspirational quotes. Thought I’d share. They speak to me right now.

1.No better time than now! 2.Indeed I will 3.No truer words 4. He was so smart! 5.Indeed I will 6. My Life 7.Again…

Good luck everyone!! It’s gonna be Great!!! My two favorite expressions. Soon you will know why??