Chic Fashion to Chic Interiors

April 28, 2015

Good morning. I am so happy to be posting ” TearSheet Tuesday”, today. It’s been so long since the first (a year). I love flipping through periodicals and fashion mags for information, inspiration and contemplation. Yes, I cruise tons of blogs and online magazines but there is something about tearing out something cool, interesting or just plain beautiful that I…


Dining In and Out

April 23, 2015

It has been a very busy two weeks and with all my good intentions, Hues and Cues, again takes a back seat. First,it was my husbands birthday party. So, fun and everyone who worked with me did such an incredible job! The party planner, caterer, DJ, and even the rental company, all professional and efficient. How often can you say…


Masculine Beach Bungalow

April 14, 2015

This week is going to be CrAaaZy, with the party (hubby’s birthday) only a few days away and me trying to get our house fabulously refreshed. Yikes! Breathe, breathe.

So, when I was going over drafts for the blog I thought, ah ha, this might be a good week to post these cool little snippets. This bungalow, in Manhattan Beach,…


Ethereally Dreamy & Pastel

April 10, 2015

Has this week flown by? I can’t believe I have so much to do and it’s Friday already. As you see, I have been obsessed with the hues of the season. I did move all the furniture around yesterday and my animals (including human one’s) are not sure where certain things went but seem to like the change. Now I…


Soft Spring Hues

April 9, 2015

Speaking of Pastels. I could go for  a luscious lavender tub? or a set of colorful standard poodles? Just had to add a few more inspiring images celebrating the beginning of Spring. Can’t wait to start moving the furniture around and get some fresh accessories. The guys are coming today to move furniture, rugs and large plants to my hearts…


Soft Pale and Pastel

April 7, 2015

Cool, pale and with just the slightest hint of attitude, pastel anything is a must have this year. I know, I said that last year but I was a little ahead of the curve. I’m craving a stunning blush (not nude) pink moto that I saw at Bergdorf’s, and yet the Louboutin stud pumps are hard to beat. Oh, I…


Happy Easter Egg

Happy Easter!

April 5, 2015


Best Friends

March 27, 2015

The blogging habit, for me, is one that takes a “editorial” type calendar to keep things in order and focus. I think re-launching H&C’s is going to be a work in process for awhile. In the meantime, I need to start somewhere and I always like Finally Friday. Today, this image reminds me of the fun my best friend and…


Hues and Cues New Look!!

March 24, 2015

Hi all, I’ve missed my blogging these past several months and truth be told it was time to step away from many things to re-evaluate several aspects of my life. Not only my business, but the people I interact and socialize with, the way I live each day and my life goals. Yes, goals, we all need them. Right? Well,…


Happy Independence Day, 2014

July 4, 2014

This is a re-wind post from a couple of years ago. Still the same premise. We are very lucky to live in this country and be free. We can thank our founding fathers for designing and drafting our Declaration and the men and women in the military whom give there all to insure we are safe. God Bless America. The blogs are fun and I hope you have a wonderful July Fourth,2014.